Introducing One Well World

May 7, 2021

Mike Bruggeman

Hello and Welcome to One Well World. My name is Mike Bruggeman, CEO & Chief formulation officer of two consumer products brands – haia (HAPPY AS I AM) and OM4 Organic Male (OM4Men).

The newly launched haia brand defines the intersection between beauty and wellness and takes a stand for self-esteem and above all, belonging. haia’s positive messaging – each product has its own positive affirmation or mantra – and product formulations welcome people of all colors, skin conditions, ages, body types, gender identities and those sometimes marginalized by beauty industry marketing. haia’s unique formulas are not skin type-specific, but rather multifunctional, skin wellness solutions. For example, the Environmental Stress and Defense Collection addresses the following concerns in a single skin wellness system: blue light and pollution protection, skin detox, the epigenetic down-regulation of inflammation, sensitivity, redness, and rosacea. This collection is perfect for those living in an urban setting or spending long hours behind blue light-emitting devices. Concerns that would normally be addressed by an arsenal of products are now consolidated into a single skin wellness solution under the haia formulation philosophy. Four other collections adopt the same thinking and approach to treating multiple skin concerns in one skin wellness system – the Microbiome and Oil Balancing Collection, the Age-Optimizing and Cellular Health Collection, the HD (High Definition) Restructuring & Brightening Collection and Advanced Wellness Solutions — housing all ancillary products such as eye treatments, exfoliants and masks. The OM4 Organic Male brand launched in 2010 and is still the first comprehensive skin type- and condition-specific brand formulated exclusively 4 men. Today, we still hold the largest men’s grooming market share in the spa and hotel channels.

Proceeds from both brands, grants, and a unique option for loyal customers to donate rewards points upon checkout fund the One Well World foundation, some of the most meaningful and important work we do. It is my belief that consumer brands must take a stand and responsibility for addressing the pressing social issues of our day. Businesses and organizations have the right size and composition to positively impact the health and wellness of employees, the customers they serve and the communities in which they live in meaningful ways.

Our Missions

Why is this work important? If you haven’t noticed, even when COVID-19 is taken out of the equation, the US and other nations are facing dire issues which negatively impact the health and wellness of people around the globe. Loneliness, isolation, anxiety, depression, circadian clock (sleep) disruption…are contributing to the next global pandemic – unhappiness due to unhealthiness. These preventable conditions along with other public health concerns such as obesity, diabetes, opioid and other addictions, and suicide coupled with all the ways in which people are “acting out” – domestic violence, bullying, intolerance, hate, mass consumption and destruction of the environment, are significant and seemingly insurmountable when viewed collectively. Some examples of global health and wellness statistics are below.

Alarming Statistics

  • 160,000 kids per day skip school out of fear of being bullied and 1 in 5 children report being bullied (20.2%). *
  • 9% of children ages 14-18 have been cyberbullied. *
  • In 2021, loneliness and isolation spike 26% coming out of COVID-19. This number is ON TOP of 2019 statistics from Cigna which revealed 46% of Americans reported feeling lonely prior to the pandemic.
  • Over 12,000,000 women and men are victims of intimate partner violence, annually, according to National Domestic Violence Hotline (2021).
  • In 2020 the CDC reported suicide is now the 10th leading cause of death. We lose one life every 11 seconds to suicide.

* National Center for Education Statistics, 2019 (Pre-Pandemic Data)

One Well World believes the only way to positively influence any of the above statistics is on the ground, at a local and community level. We are addressing these issues and other wellness concerns in two ways, through: (1) commissioned Wellness Action Projects and (2) contributions to like-minded charitable partners.

Wellness Action Projects

One Well World is focused on four action projects for 2021-2022. Multidisciplinary teams collaborate to develop tangible resources that measurably impact the world.

Charitable Partners

In addition to the foundation’s work on action projects, One Well World has identified one charitable partner in each of the organization’s six wellness dimensions for 2021 and 2022 – Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Well Relationships, and Global Citizenship + Ecosystems Care.

Advisory Board

None of this would be possible without the commitment, time, and talent of our multidisciplinary advisory board. These dedicated and busy global leaders donate precious time to ensure action projects remain on track and we stay true to the mission and vision of the One Well World Foundation.


Stay tuned for four methods of communication if you feel you would like to learn practical tips for improving your personal and professional well-being or compelled to stay engaged with One Well World.

  • Bi-Weekly Blog and/or Vlog Posts – short articles | videos on relevant wellness topics
  • Wakeup to Wellness – lifestyle tips from One Well World from any of the six wellness dimensions.
  • Moments with Mike – short, informal wellness hacks which can be adopted immediately.
  • Working at Wellness – a series of talk show interviews with industry experts on ways that you can remain informed or become involved in our efforts to positively impact the world.

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