Action Project: Well Beauty

(Science Meets Nature to Create the New Model of Integrated Well Beauty) led by the brilliant Jeeta Mona and Raya Khanin.

Clean beauty has clearly caught on and is driving industry change. The term, however, remains loosely defined, largely misunderstood and falls short of fully integrating wellness and beauty, and driving sustainability, biodegradability and up-cycling across the beauty ecosystem. The Well Beauty action project sets its sights on standardizing terms and creating pathways for those interested in developing the next generation of natural, scientifically integrated products, while eliminating consumer confusion and industry ambiguity.

Well Beauty

Meet Raya Khanin

Raya Khanin

Raya Khanin is a cofounder of LifeNome, an award winning personalization wellness company. Inspired by the paradigm shift from “one size fits all” to Precision Medicine, Raya envisages similar changes in the wellness industry. Raya’s mission is to bring advances of Genomics Sciences and Artificial Intelligence to the beauty and nutrition to enable personalization of products and services based on an individual's biology and lifestyle. Raya has a PhD in Computational Biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel and was a recipient of a prestigious Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship (UK). She has lectured at the Universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh and Glasgow (UK). Since 2009 she has been an Associate Professor at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY working in Precision Oncology. Raya has published in top scientific journals, and has several patents. With over 12000 citations, she is among top 10 cited scholars globally in Translational Bioinformatics.

Meet Jeeta Mona

Jeeta Mona

Jeeta Mona is a thought leader with expertise in the domains of sales & marketing, business development, manufacturing and sourcing. She has an array of skills and expertise having worked in the beauty, automobile and market research sectors across two different continents of Asia and Europe. She is a highly networked beauty industry professional working with multiple reputed beauty and wellness companies across the globe.

Jeeta runs her own business consulting firm in the UK, Onze Ltd, and holds a Master's in Business Administration. She has worked previously with Yardley of London Ltd, Wipro Consumer Care, Godrej Consumer Care, Suzuki Motor Corporation and the SPP group.